Seasonal heads-up

This year, due to house moving, there won’t be an original story up on the site for December 25th. There will, however, be a deleted scene from Heavy Ice. (Yes, amazingly, the book could have been even longer!). In the meantime, here’s another short out-take, which got replaced by the scene where Raj met Dante.

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A few quick links

Tom Cox talks about his covers in The Long Road To Three Good Book Covers: A Timeline. About which all I can say is that cute as the ‘actor kittens’ are, putting them on the cover instead of The Bear is like putting a sixth-former who thinks he can act a bit into King Lear […]

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Seasonal joys

Lulu has just sent me a 30% off code ‘for you and your friends, family and readers’ which I suppose means you lot, though it doesn’t mention ‘people with a burning need to know whether Palatino is the same as Palatino Linotype’ or ‘random spammers’, both of whom also occasionally drop by. The French rappers […]

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December 1st Is Heavy Ice Day

Today my fourth book is officially launched. The paperbacks have arrived at Amazon, the last couple of last-minute spelling and grammar flubs have been corrected (though I bet there are at least a couple more hiding in there, and I apologise for that) and it’s ready to face the world. Many, many thanks are due […]

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Out-Take Friday, 4

Ways in which I actually have described this book to people: “It’s about a loud redhead with glasses and a big backside who swears a lot.” (Friend, dryly: “So, nothing like you, then?”) “Also a lot of people in the background are deconstructing the concept of the Divine Right Of Kings.” “If this book was […]

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