So, the process of planing and sandpapering Firebrand into shape is ongoing, and it’s making me think about how much easier writing was when I had no clue at all what I was doing. I mean, when I started out it was just a matter of getting some words on a page. What do the […]

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First draft!

First draft of the steampunk thing is finished, at just over 100 000 words! Next comes getting it to a state where I’m prepared to let anyone else read it…

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Dear Amazon

This is an open letter to Amazon, with regard to their UK Kindle Store. Dear Amazon: I love the Kindle. I love the convenience of being able to buy books and have them delivered immediately. I love being able to read three-volume Victorian novels without also getting an arm and shoulder workout. But the experience […]

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Plot early, plot often

In the ‘good news’ category: the steampunk thing, now tentatively entitled ‘Firebrand’, is chugging closer to being finished in first draft. So then it’ll be time for the second draft and then to send it off to the various people who have very kindly offered (and in Jasmine’s case, been begged) to beta-read it, and […]

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