Well, I have now made the grand total of 45p from Amazon referrals. When I told my husband about this he said ‘Well done!’ entirely unironically. Oh dear. I also had a baffling email from Amazon this morning suggesting I might want to display a large banner ad for the Kindle. I suppose there may […]

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Things I have achieved today

Finally worked out where one of the damn flashbacks fits into Heavy Ice. Yay! Including flashbacks is like starting one of those novelty three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles: it’s only a good idea if you have a very clear idea of what the finished edifice will look like, which I generally don’t. November is coming, so good […]

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The BBC just finished an amazing project called A History Of The World In 100 Objects. I’m still working my way through listening to the podcasts. The idea is that each short programme takes an object from the British Museum’s collection and talks about it in the context of the society that created it, and […]

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Since the book seems to have been recommended in a couple of places (thank you, recommenders!) welcome, new readers! Here are some posts you may find useful: About the books Reasons why you should buy my books Extract from The Maker’s Mask: Book One Of Requite Extract from The Hawkwood War: Book Two Of Requite […]

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More book sightings

Exciting news – The Maker’s Mask is now available on, and The Hawkwood War is apparently on its way, if inexplicably high-priced. Please let me know if you spot the books for sale anywhere else online!

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After a riotous Twitter conversation, a friend is now planning to design socks inspired by Tzenni, and knit them in this yarn, being the closest thing in her stash to Boccamera green. Yarn by The Yarn Yard, photograph copyright White Hart. I can’t tell you how awesome I find this.

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Amazon, here we come!

This weekend’s adventure is… setting myself up as an Amazon affiliate. Dealing with Amazon itself wasn’t too bad: there was a minor blip when I opened the application form and discovered that for some insane reason thought my primary address was an old address of my brother-in-law’s that I once sent a Christmas present […]

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