2019 – The Year Of Finishing Books

Big news! The Duke Is Dead, the first book in a projected series of four (with added novellas, etc) which I have been co-writing with Irene Headley, is coming out in August 2019! The Duke Is Dead is a fantasy adventure loosely inspired by the events of the Wars of the Roses, featuring romance, court intrigue, mercenaries, werewolves, beguines and a pygmy hippo called Odo. We were hoping it would be out in time for the six hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Bosworth, but due mostly to mental health issues on my part that did not happen. Nevertheless it is now in final stage edits and will be out in time for the six hundred and fourth anniversary. It’s the thought that counts.


We think it will appeal to fans of C.S Pacat and Dorothy Dunnett, though we’re not claiming to be as talented or erudite as either.

And! After being in the works since at least 2013, Anna Chronistic And The Scarab Of Destiny is finished in first draft and is coming out on October 31! It is a time travel novel, a stand alone but hopefully the first in a series, in which a romance-novel-loving heroine is caught up in a tangle of conspiracies reaching from the building of the Sphinx to the end of Time, and on the way makes time to court Helen of Troy and do a bit of shopping.


The cover is subject to change, but here’s a taster of it.

Both will be available from Amazon and Lulu. The Duke Is Dead will also be available from Smashwords, and so will Anna Chronistic And The Scarab of Destiny if I can talk Irene Headley into showing me how to use it.


This is the face of a woman who has finished TWO BIG DAMN GAY BOOKS. (Well, one and a half, given that The Duke Is Dead is a joint venture)

9 thoughts on “2019 – The Year Of Finishing Books

  1. Hoorah for your big damn gay books, and I am sorry to hear mental health issues got in the way for you. Damned headweasels!

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