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I Get Spam

Dear providers of ‘content’ with some vague relation to writing that you think I might want to reblog from you: I’m a writer. I make my own content. What you are doing is a bit like coming to the door … Continue reading

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Spammers, Scammers And People Who Are Confused About Sex

My Kindle has died: the nice Irish bloke at Kindle Support, while charming and patient, could not get me a replacement of the model I’m used to, and earlier this week the Internet went out because my husband accidentally cut … Continue reading

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Florence Fusspot and the Ninja

Yesterday on a bus, I went past an office building with ‘SEO’ on its windows. It had a few other web-based keywords up there as well, possibly in the hope of getting a jump on advertising on Google Earth, so … Continue reading

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Blog neglect, and Distant Worlds

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’m sorry: I just didn’t have a lot to say beyond ‘Still writing’ or ‘Not writing, due to my head being full of cold’ or whatever. I’ve been to Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy … Continue reading

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Bizarre spam comments I have had lately

Viagra dire event warning tag Reminder that this is not the Existential Flame War. You may be entirely perfect. That’s nice. I still use too many semi-colons, though. Various spam promoting French rappers Seriously, give it up. I’m not going … Continue reading

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