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Reasons why I have this blog

Why did I start this blog? Partly to promote the books. Partly because I am really interested in learning processes, and I wanted to document the journey from not having a clue to how self-publishing worked to… well, having more … Continue reading

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A question and a statement

Firstly: dear WordPress, why make it so hard to find a login page when I accidentally log myself out? Leaving a comment on my own blog doesn’t work, and just leads to the Orwellian situation where the comment gets screened … Continue reading

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I have bought an ISBN for The Maker’s Mask! This is all getting scarily real. I think I may have to go and drink some Baileys.

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Proof copy, and triumphant return of husband

Firstly, my husband is back from riding from coast to coast to raise money for the British Heart Foundation! Secondly, arriving on the same day as him was my proof copy of The Maker’s Mask. I was gladder to see … Continue reading

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Look at us, we’re cover plus

I’ve bitten the bullet, bought image rights from, and been playing around with cover images. This one is for The Maker’s Mask, from a photograph by Peter Zelei and a piece of concept art from loops7: And this one … Continue reading

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Font saga continued and thoughts about tropes

Well, both books are now in Bookman Old Style (I typed that ‘Boomkan Old Style’ the first time round, which sounds like an explosive device out of an Evil Dead movie) and I think I’ve dealt with all the mysterious … Continue reading

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Palatino Linotype is not Palatino…

… as I discovered yesterday when trying to upload a document in a font I thought Lulu recognised. My fault for not reading the font guidelines closely enough. So, I’ve been mourning Palatino Linotype and seeing how the book looks … Continue reading

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