Read an excerpt from The Hawkwood War!

New excerpt up here!

Warning: The Maker’s Mask and The Hawkwood War started life as one book and still make more sense if read together – there is a resolution at the end of The Maker’s Mask, but there are several plotlines that carry over – so if you know you’re planning on getting at least one of the books and you’re a spoilerphobe or have the sort of brain that retains tiny plot details, you may not want to read this snippet. I’ve done my best to cut out any blatant spoilers, but I’m married to a man who won’t watch the ‘coming up next week’ at the end of a Doctor Who episode even though he has a memory that’s not so much a sieve as an open-ended cylinder, so I realise that for some people any spoilers at all are too many.

If, on the other hand, you just want to see whether my writing style is the kind of thing you like to read – and I can understand completely if you do, because a self-published author has to be her own quality control department – then please, go right ahead. 🙂

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