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Heavy Ice is finished in first draft!

I am listening to James’ ‘Sit Down’ which was the song that was playing when I finished my very first novel (the terrible book about roleplayers which will never see the light of day) and which I’ve played for every … Continue reading

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Lovely Review, Also, Clockwork Tea

Kimberly Chapman (author of Finding Gaia, which you really should give a shot if you like (a) immortals who come over as genuine, complex products of a past era finding their way in the present day, (b) sidekick characters with … Continue reading

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I Wish I Didn’t Share A Genre With Theodore Beale

I wish I didn’t share an atmosphere with Theodore Beale. I have no words to describe my disgust and anger at this incident (link to Foz Meadows’ blog post about the incident, because Foz Meadows deserves traffic and racists don’t.) … Continue reading

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New look for the blog

Having bought enough stock art from to make it worthwhile, I’ve made a new header for the blog. There’s also a new picture of me with one of my cats, because the Internet is for cat photos.

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Romance, SF, Hybrids And Newcomers

I’ve been following with interest the discussion that started with Stuart Sharp’s piece about SF romance, and continued in various places that are mostly explained and collated in this Dear Author roundup. To declare my allegiances up front: I love … Continue reading

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