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Rambling on about my Kindle sales again

Well, after a dip that I think was caused by Amazon’s rollout of Kindle Unlimited, sales seem to be picking back up again. I have no scientific answers as to why, but this Christmas I had a look at a … Continue reading

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Guess the carol or Christmas song

from the Requite character’s reaction to it! 1) “I would very much like to run some tests on that old top hat they found.” – Tzenni Boccamera 2) “Even I know that it’s foolish to put your baby in anything … Continue reading

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Mostly for gamers

I assume quite a few of my readers are familiar with the Dungeons and Dragons alignment system.  If not, it basically pigeonholes characters on two moral axes: good versus evil and law versus chaos.  There are some odd wrinkles – … Continue reading

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