Family Trees


Boccamera Family Tree

Kapellan Family Tree

Malabranca Family Tree

This is actually a simplified Malabranca family tree, so you can see why Latinus feels himself plagued by cousins. Particularly since, as you can see, he’s barely related to most of them. Actually, due to his Gentileschi father, he’s more closely related to Zircon than to some of these people.

Hawkwood Family Tree

Gentileschi Family Tree

Again, this is a simplified version of the Gentileschi family tree, but since the Gentileschi Succession spends its time bubbling away in the background rather than ever taking centre stage, I figured I didn’t need to put in every cousin. 🙂


Hawkwood Family Tree


Malabranca Family Tree

Click on the images for bigger versions!

2 thoughts on “Family Trees

  1. I hadn’t noticed the family trees until now and was delighted to see them as I spent the weekend in a hotel in Stockholm with The Hawkwood War on my e-reader going “what I really need is a family tree”.

    All is now clear. I had got the Kapellans all wrong and thought Philip August was Rosalind’s and that Kjarten was Hendryz’ son but somehow illegitimately. I need to go and read them both again slowly, which is not a hardship.

    1. Considering that the explanation was given by Innes while Tzenni had her face in a towel and her mind on other things, any confusion is entirely my fault! I should probably have stuck the family trees in the back of the book, though I’m not sure how well that would have worked in a PDF. If there’s ever a second edition… 🙂

      Anyway, Philip-August is Rosalind’s to about the same extent that a stepchild who she’d known from birth and later ended up adopting would be, and Hendryz regards Kjarten as a son as well (he would have been about eighteen months old when Hendryz and Rosalind started courting Vikenai) so you were right about the stuff that matters. 🙂

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