Out-Take Friday, 4

Ways in which I actually have described this book to people: “It’s about a loud redhead with glasses and a big backside who swears a lot.” (Friend, dryly: “So, nothing like you, then?”) “Also a lot of people in the background are deconstructing the concept of the Divine Right Of Kings.” “If this book was […]

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My proof copy of Heavy Ice came. It has a new owner. No, really. Maybe I should get her a copy of The Good, The Bad and The Furry: The Brand-New Adventures of the World’s Most Melancholy Cat and Other Whiskery Friends instead?


Out-Take Friday, 2

It’s Out-Take Friday! This week, an advertising flyer for the latest in Ailebroc biomedical fashions. 🙂 The Makery, Gentry and Professional Sort are invited to consider the studio of Lodovico Chiang Keratinist-Artist St. Maarten’s Levels, The Terem, Ailebroc POPULAR THIS SEASON The Merry Cuckold, with full horns sweeping back from brow The Dance Of The […]

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Note to future self

Dear future self: Since we have a book coming out soon, I’m writing to remind you that reading discussion of your books that you find around the web has a tendency to discombobulate you. It may feel as if people are demanding things from you that you find outside your range of competence, not what […]

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His Hell-Bound Hedgehog

Today while making a somewhat doomed attempt to tidy the house I noticed that the general confusion of soft toys in my bedroom had produced a tableau in which Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld, appeared to be carrying off a small grey-furred hedgehog. And then it occurred to me that someone out there has probably […]

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Out-Take Friday, 1

I’ve decided that in the month running up to Heavy Ice’s launch I’m going to post an extra Requite snippet every Friday. These aren’t excerpts from the book, they’re extras – some out-takes, some newly written. Here’s the first one: From ClanFerah Reyes Gaby to her good cousin representative of those who carry the Emperor’s […]

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