Gacked from Julian Griffith

Project: Steampunk Thing tentatively entitled ‘Firebrand’ Deadline: None, fortunately New words written: Couple of thousand Present total word count: 89226 Reason for stopping: Taking a break Mean things: Heroine is disparaging about opera. Reader is forced to spend too much time in a dress shop. Inexplicable discussion of goffering irons. Fun things: Think minor character […]

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No, not ‘how do you address a marquess who is also an Archdeacon’ though I would really not be surprised at all if I did post about that one of these days. Today has not been great, though the only bit that’s really relevant to mention on here is that I thought I had a […]

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Fifty Shades Of Grey

I’m reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s very weird. It’s basically all about how being into BDSM is just like being a vampire. It’s not a metaphor I’m immediately hostile to, because in my experience if your partner is into any kind of hobby or scene and in particular if that scene could possibly be […]

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