Good news, bad news

Good news: barring any more unexpected hiccups in the process, the books are now on their way to the Kindle Store! I turned out to have misread the form on the Amazon site – it looked as if you had to provide US tax information wherever in the world you were, but it turns out […]

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Caught in a non-romance

OK, so the first two books had a strong romantic thread running through them. Because I love romance novels and I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I wanted to write SF with the same kind of immersive attention to the characters’ feelings for each other – the same clause in the contract between writer […]

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oh, writing.

So, my heroine Kallisty is trying to be helpful by pointing out to one of the second-tier characters that hero Quint fancies men, since she is under the mistaken impression that said second-tier character fancies Quint. And I had to hedge her remark about with a couple of sentences to make sure that it was […]

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Well, it looks like Lulu have got moving on the ‘we only do ebooks in PDF format’ problem while I wasn’t paying attention – I got an email this morning saying that they’re making a push to include their books on the Apple iBookstore in ePub format, and if I didn’t want The Maker’s Mask […]

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I’m sorry about the unpleasant little ‘Ecopressed’ ads that are appearing in single post view between the post and the comments: these aren’t my doing, they’re WordPress inserting content, and I’m trying to decide whether to pay for the ‘no ads’ option to get rid of them or just migrate the blog to my own […]

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