Good news, bad news

Good news: barring any more unexpected hiccups in the process, the books are now on their way to the Kindle Store! I turned out to have misread the form on the Amazon site – it looked as if you had to provide US tax information wherever in the world you were, but it turns out […]

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Caught in a non-romance

OK, so the first two books had a strong romantic thread running through them. Because I love romance novels and I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I wanted to write SF with the same kind of immersive attention to the characters’ feelings for each other – the same clause in the contract between writer […]

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oh, writing.

So, my heroine Kallisty is trying to be helpful by pointing out to one of the second-tier characters that hero Quint fancies men, since she is under the mistaken impression that said second-tier character fancies Quint. And I had to hedge her remark about with a couple of sentences to make sure that it was […]

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Well, it looks like Lulu have got moving on the ‘we only do ebooks in PDF format’ problem while I wasn’t paying attention – I got an email this morning saying that they’re making a push to include their books on the Apple iBookstore in ePub format, and if I didn’t want The Maker’s Mask […]

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