According to Harriet

As promised, a free read for Christmas, According to Harriet, in which one of Kadia’s stepdaughters gives her side of the story. Meanwhile, Heavy Ice is growing like fractal coral, which at least means it’s growing, I suppose, and I keep being ambushed with ideas for other plots taking place in the Requitiverse. A happy […]

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Death and the Order

Because it’s got to be Christmas already somewhere (In my neighbours’ garden, apparently, since they are setting off fireworks. Seriously, neighbours, fireworks are for November 5th, and New Year if you really must.) I’ve just put up Death and the Order, a short story featuring some of the cast from The Maker’s Mask and The […]

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Rattling the boxes

On December 25th I will be putting a new, long-ish Requite short story up on the website as a present to everyone who read the books. It features everybody’s seasonal favourites, the Order of the Neither. Image from Able and Game, sellers of kickass stationery. Visit them today!

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