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Most likely reason for me having failed to mention that there was a large and impressive atrium inside the Aeyorn gatehouse in The Maker’s Mask, but describing it in detail in Heavy Ice? a) Last time we were there we were in Latinus’ viewpoint, and Latinus takes large and impressive atriums for granted in much […]

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Your Personal Owls

I’m back from spending a few days at Center Parcs, where I managed to get a bit of Heavy Ice written on my husband’s laptop. I won’t quite say that I was gladder to see my ergonomic keyboard when I got in than I was to see the cats, but it was a close-run thing. […]

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More on the Tzenni socks

I’ve just heard that the Tzenni sock pattern will be published on the pennies per hour of pleasure knitting fundraiser site tomorrow. I am very excited about this – they’re raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières, which is a great cause. Also, when I was thinking about what might happen after the books were published […]

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