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Most likely reason for me having failed to mention that there was a large and impressive atrium inside the Aeyorn gatehouse in The Maker’s Mask, but describing it in detail in Heavy Ice?

a) Last time we were there we were in Latinus’ viewpoint, and Latinus takes large and impressive atriums for granted in much the same way that he takes it for granted that people will listen when he starts talking, food will show up at regular intervals without him doing anything to procure it, and You Imbecile will do his laundry for him?

b) Last time we were there Latinus went up two sets of steps in the space of two paragraphs, once with and once without a vrykol, and there had to be something there to slow him down?

c) I don’t know, but you should probably draw a floor plan to stop this kind of thing happening again.

d) I have no idea, I got here by Googling ‘palatino linotype’.

7 thoughts on “Quick Poll

  1. Mainly (a) with a side order of (c), I think. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that Latinus would take it completely for granted, but a floor plan is probably not a bad idea!

    1. I probably should. It would be necessary background work for the books, and not anything to do with my sneaking desire to go to the local craft and stationery place and buy stuff. 🙂

        1. Buying new stationery is always a good thing. I should think a floor plan would need a lot of coloured pens.

          But Latinus taking large atriums for granted strikes me as perfectly reasonable.

          1. Coloured pens, yes! And possibly paper big enough that I need to lie on the floor and draw on it.

            I always get stationery-related cravings in the spring and autumn. I think the autumn one is something to do with Back To School, but I don’t know why it kicks in in spring.

            1. Revision timetables?

              I get stationary cravings in January an February – the first is usual “will keep a diary this year, need new notebook, etc” thoughts, but the second is because the OU reset my academic bodyclock.

              With Sadie on (a) and (c), with memories of Cambridge interviews and my reflection at the time that they should have sent us on a few day trips to stately homes instead of all that interview practice – one of the many things a public school education does for its products is enable them to walk across vast rooms without having to scuttle around the edges or fall over backwards in shock at the sheer quantity of architecture. Latinus just wouldn’t see it as worth remarking.

              1. Elaborate multicoloured colouring-in schemes were the only things that made revision timetables bearable.

                That is such a good point about stately homes and university buildings. And job interviews at businesses that go in for a lot of impress-the-customers front space too, come to think of it.

                You could probably dump Latinus in almost any architectural space up to and including the Lateran Palace or the Burj Khalifa and he’d only pay attention to it if he thought the Order of the Neither might be hiding somewhere.

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