Side project

I blame the very exciting Waltz on the Wye for the way my writing process seems to have been hijacked by a steampunk side project. Heavy Ice has not been abandoned, it’s just that at present the side project is giving me plot, and usually I have to slog away at plot so I’m taking […]

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Saturday snippet: Firesmoke Soup

One of these days I will be organised enough, and get up in time, to do Six Sentence Sunday like Jasmine Ahern does – I always enjoy looking through the posts and seeing the excerpts from so many different kinds of books. Until then, here is a quiet moment with Kallisty’s bandits. The viewpoint character […]

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I write long books.

Today I realised that Kallisty’s uncle Hawkwood Prime is played by Sir Patrick Stewart, which (a) explains why he’s managed to persuade so many people to marry him, and (b) is going to be a serious impediment to killing him off if I find the plot requires that. Today’s writing also featured one of the […]

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