Side project

I blame the very exciting Waltz on the Wye for the way my writing process seems to have been hijacked by a steampunk side project. Heavy Ice has not been abandoned, it’s just that at present the side project is giving me plot, and usually I have to slog away at plot so I’m taking advantage of it showing up more or less painlessly for once.

It’s based on something that’s been dear to my heart for years and years and years (no, not cats) and there will be more news when I have any. So far it has no title, as I’ve reluctantly rejected both ‘Cheer Up, Emo Duke’ and ‘Wuthering Cogwheels’. 😉

Image from The Graphics Fairy.

2 thoughts on “Side project

    1. Today’s ideas about titles have been rejected on the grounds of (a) sounds too like novel written by lovechild of China Mieville and Iain M. Banks (which, OK, might be awesome, but this is not that book), (b) sounds like Hunger Games ripoff, and (c) sounds like every other romance novel ever.

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