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Help out some friends of a friend publish steampunk pirate Western erotica

My lovely friend Ashbet, who beta-read Firebrand, put me on to this Indiegogo campaign from friends of hers who are raising money to write ‘a steampunky western erotic adventure serial full of sex, violence, pirates, airships, Experimentals, and maybe even … Continue reading

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It’s like she’s a were-Father Jack

Number of f-bombs dropped so far in the book: 33 Number of f-bombs dropped by people other than Kallisty: 3, two from Rafe and one from Kallisty’s friend Bhoomi. It’s a good thing on the whole that I don’t write … Continue reading

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In praise of GeneWeb

(or, ‘Help, Help, My Family Tree Is Full Of Hawkwoods’) So, the new book is taking place in 650 S.F., which is two hundred and eighteen years after the last two. It’s also 4911 by the calendar the rest of … Continue reading

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New covers, and recommend me romantic SF

Here are the old and new front covers for The Maker’s Mask and The Hawkwood War and the new back covers for both. Click to embiggen or view as a gallery. I wanted the new blue covers to give a … Continue reading

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New covers coming

It’s over two years now since I did the covers for The Maker’s Mask and The Hawkwood War, and while I did the best I could at the time, I think I could probably do better. (Also, someone linked me … Continue reading

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