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Firebrand now burning its way to the presses on the 8th

A quick admin note – due to a minor problem with the proofs for Amazon distribution, the official launch of Firebrand will now be on the 8th of November. Also, to celebrate the launch I will be guestblogging over at … Continue reading

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Firebrand progress

I’m waiting on the second set of proofs for Firebrand‘s print version at present: there were a couple of issues with the cover and some last-minute errors to fix with the text (thanks for catching those, Lucy and Cas!) so … Continue reading

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Firebrand is coming in November!

Firebrand: An industrial fantasy romance inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s Angria novelettes, featuring castles with dungeons, border fortresses without dungeons, kidnappings, masquerades, railway stranglers, duels with sword and pistol, airships, the opera, shady business practices, love, sex, danger and a mechanical … Continue reading

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Alpha Centauri has a planet!

It’s all over the news this morning that a planet has been discovered orbiting Alpha Centauri, our nearest star. Okay, so it’s not an Earth-twin, it’s a tiny, superheated rock. But still, it’s an exoplanet orbiting our closest neighbour, and … Continue reading

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Try the first two Requite books for $0.99 each!

I’d been thinking for a while about making The Maker’s Mask available for free on the Kindle Store to coincide with either the release of Firebrand or the release of Heavy Ice, probably the latter. Then the Requite books got … Continue reading

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