Try the first two Requite books for $0.99 each!

I’d been thinking for a while about making The Maker’s Mask available for free on the Kindle Store to coincide with either the release of Firebrand or the release of Heavy Ice, probably the latter. Then the Requite books got nominated for Yuletide again this year, and as there’s always a bit of an upswell of ‘what fandoms are easy to try for not much outlay?’ around Yuletide, I thought I might make it free to coincide with that.

Unfortunately, it looks like if I want to promote the books for free, I’d have to make them a Kindle-only exclusive, and I need to look into that further before I decide what to do – I have friends who feel about Amazon the way that I feel about Facebook, and I really don’t want people who prefer .epub format to have to mess about with converters and so on to any more of an extent than they already have to. (I might not understand Apple people, but I try to be a good neighbour to them :p) So, for the time being both books are available for $0.99 on the Kindle Store. Spread the word, if you feel like doing so.

8 thoughts on “Try the first two Requite books for $0.99 each!

  1. If you set them to be free somewhere else (will Lulu allow it?), there’s a good chance Amazon will price match, especially if people report it to Amazon. At the moment one of mine is free on Amazon UK, but not US.

  2. I have hard copies but at that price I’m very tempted to get the ebooks as well. Then I could carry them around with me all the time! (I find it very comforting doing that with favourite books.)

  3. I just found a link to these books, and I’d very much like to purchase and read them, ideally as .epub files on a Nook. Do you know yet when the .epubs will be available?

    Thank you! I understand it’s an enormous amount of work to self-publish on multiple platforms, and it makes sense that you couldn’t do it all at once.

    1. Thank you! I just went and checked into this, and for some reason all its own, Lulu had only automatically converted the second one to .epub format, and I had to go and convert the first book manually. They’re both available in .epub format from Lulu now:

      The Maker’s Mask
      The Hawkwood War

      and should propagate to the Apple Store in time, but I’m not sure how long that will be!

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