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In which I get to the point eventually, I promise.

I have not been well. This means this post is kind of blithery, and contains footnotes. So, I have been Not Well, in ways which I am not going to share with the Internet, don’t worry. This means I have … Continue reading

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The draft goes ever on and on

I do not love being in the late stages of a book. But one of the things I do love is seeing my characters do things on page 650 that they couldn’t have done, or wouldn’t have thought to have … Continue reading

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Retort-Made Food comes closer

NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and it will start with pizza. This is awesome. We may never get teleportation or FTL, but food replicators are over the horizon of the doable. One day we may indeed dine on … Continue reading

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Steampunk Tea Duellist Ankaret

I’m just back from a lovely weekend at The Frome Steampunk Extravaganza. It was amazing to see all the friendly people, from elegant old stagers to dapper urchins, dressing up in their often handmade, creatively accessorised best. I got to … Continue reading

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Today’s snippet from Heavy Ice: Vane looked around. The balcony was not precisely full of people. It was more that a crowd was pressed out around its back edges, like a nervous pie-crust. The front of the balcony was conspicuously … Continue reading

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