The draft goes ever on and on


I do not love being in the late stages of a book. But one of the things I do love is seeing my characters do things on page 650 that they couldn’t have done, or wouldn’t have thought to have done, on page twelve.

Also, I realised last night that Kallisty uses ‘sorcery’ to mean ‘Retort-based weird stuff, and in particular, telekinesis’ in the same way most of the rest of Requite does, but when she says ‘magic’, she’s actually using the word in a quite twenty-first century secular way to mean ‘stuff I don’t understand, but that has some kind of physics or psychology behind it that someone could probably explain to me if I was willing to sit still and listen long enough’. And also several other things about her argot, but if I went into the details of those I’d have to put an 18-and-above disclaimer on the blog and everyone who clicked through would be kind of disappointed not to find anything particularly spicy behind it.

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