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I aten’t dead!

After changing computers last year I managed to lock myself out of my WordPress account, but now I have got it back! Normal service will resume whenever we can figure out what normality is. 🙂

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Kingsblood – An Awfully Big Announcement

For some time now, those of you who follow my Twitter may have heard rumblings of a Secret Project.  (Also, those of you who remember that I took so long to write Heavy Ice that Firebrand came out in the … Continue reading

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Anna Chronistic – The End Approaches

The first draft of Anna Chronistic And The Scarab Of Destiny is nearing its climax, and I’m tentatively hoping for a 2017 release. Here is a snippet of today’s writing (may be NSFW, depending on your workplace: mention of vintage … Continue reading

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Today’s snippet

As so often in my books, two characters are discussing religion. “I’m KinHarzin.  When the Emperor was Binitarian, I was Binitarian. Now that the Emperor is Dispensationalist, I am Dispensationalist.” “And what would you be if the Emperor disbanded the … Continue reading

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Set your calendar for TOMORROW – Speak Its Name by Kathleen Jowitt

I am excited to announce that I am going to be spending tomorrow reading Kathleen Jowitt‘s debut novel, Speak Its Name.  I love Kathleen’s writing and am excited that this book is seeing the light of day at last. A … Continue reading

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Minor changes to Heavy Ice in .mobi

  I’ve uploaded a new version of Heavy Ice to the Kindle Store to fix some spelling errors and a couple of instances of a character’s name being wrong. Changes to the .epub version to follow shortly.

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Quote from today’s wordcount

“The Duke continued to stare at me as if the Diana of Ephesus had just stepped out of a mummy-case and bared her breasts at him.”

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