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Spoilers for Heavy Ice below, in case you haven’t read it:

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Snippets from projects on the go at present:

Warning! F-bomb and other possibly NSFW text under the cut.

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This Be The ‘Verse

One of the things I really should have done when I started all this is come up with a name for the future universe that Requite exists in, which also contains the FSSI and KinSpace and the Bind and other … Continue reading

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Well, I just paid to keep this blog ad-free for another year…

… so I suppose I’d better write something. Various projects are on the boil, long and short. None of them look likely to turn into a finished project any time soon, but things are moving along. I’ve started a Pinterest … Continue reading

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Days of future multiplied

I have made the executive decision that since I already had a vaguely planned-out future history for how we get from here to Requite (yes, it is all in my head, I contain multitudes) it could just as well do … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever wondered what the desk I work at looks like…

It looks like this.

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Rambling on about my Kindle sales again

Well, after a dip that I think was caused by Amazon’s rollout of Kindle Unlimited, sales seem to be picking back up again. I have no scientific answers as to why, but this Christmas I had a look at a … Continue reading

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