This Be The ‘Verse

Image of an exoplanet seen from its moon: Wikimedia Commons
Image of an exoplanet seen from its moon: Wikimedia Commons

One of the things I really should have done when I started all this is come up with a name for the future universe that Requite exists in, which also contains the FSSI and KinSpace and the Bind and other remnants of the Solannan Imperity and pre-Solannan colonisation. I can’t keep saying ‘A Requite Novel’ when I know that future books are going to mostly be set off Requite, if they visit it at all. (Yes, there will be a ‘rescue Idrian and Bel-Imperia and Zax I suppose’ novel, it’s in the planning process)

‘Requitiverse’ is what I call it in my head but I can’t see it on a book cover. I considered ‘Sapient Universe’ because of all the A-saps and O-saps and so on about the place, but it sounds as if I’m saying the actual universe is sapient, which is something that both I and the inhabitants of the books are agnostic on.

‘Solannaverse’ is probably the best of a bad bunch, but I have to admit that I’m kind of partial to Grueniverse

7 thoughts on “This Be The ‘Verse

    1. Don’t tempt me to write alternate versions of Arthurian Legend where Guinevere is a grue…

      “Er… my…. um, probably lady… I would love to… but first, how do I rescue you from this tower? You seem to be, um, entirely surrounding and covering it… and do you have any idea where Galahad has got to?”

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