Baby, it’s cold outside

Today I bought various books from Lulu for Christmas presents to take advantage of the 25% offer they’ve got going… and then forgot to put the code in at the checkout. I’d previously tried to cancel Lulu orders due to similar misfortunes and had no joy, so I thought ‘Ugh, that’s done, I can’t cancel it’ and went off and did something else. Later on I moaned to Mme Guillotine about this, and she said that you can cancel Lulu orders if you catch them early enough. In conclusion, I suck at coupons.

Meanwhile, this evening:

My husband: There’s this place on the Internet where they have a 3D printer, and they make things to your specifications, and they have some really weird variants on Rubik’s Cubes.
Me: What do they make them out of?
My husband: *gives me odd look* Plastic. There is one that isn’t 3 by 3, it’s 2 by 24, and…
Me: What format do you send them data in?
My husband: *gives me odder look* Well, CAD, I suppose, and there is one where you have to turn all four corners and then you can open it up and turn the other four corners, and… why are you looking at me like that?
Me: Someone built a Retort and didn’t tell me.

Also, today there was snow.

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2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Fab story about the Retort 🙂 Actually I seem to remember reading something about a 3D printer on the BA news round-up a while ago.

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