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That Awkward Friend Of A Friend

Did you ever have a group of friends who you liked to hang out with, some of whom also liked to hang out with someone you weren’t all that keen on? Someone you met at parties and might say hi … Continue reading

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Retort-Made Food comes closer

NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and it will start with pizza. This is awesome. We may never get teleportation or FTL, but food replicators are over the horizon of the doable. One day we may indeed dine on … Continue reading

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Steampunk Tea Duellist Ankaret

I’m just back from a lovely weekend at The Frome Steampunk Extravaganza. It was amazing to see all the friendly people, from elegant old stagers to dapper urchins, dressing up in their often handmade, creatively accessorised best. I got to … Continue reading

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Alpha Centauri has a planet!

It’s all over the news this morning that a planet has been discovered orbiting Alpha Centauri, our nearest star. Okay, so it’s not an Earth-twin, it’s a tiny, superheated rock. But still, it’s an exoplanet orbiting our closest neighbour, and … Continue reading

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Blog neglect, and Distant Worlds

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’m sorry: I just didn’t have a lot to say beyond ‘Still writing’ or ‘Not writing, due to my head being full of cold’ or whatever. I’ve been to Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy … Continue reading

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Stock photo surprise: also, hand-axes.

I just found one of the pieces of stock art I was seriously considering using for the cover of The Maker’s Mask on a commercially published book, which was surprising. Also, today I went to the British Museum and got … Continue reading

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Slightly late end-of-year post

Looking back on 2010, the main event that stands out is that I published my books. (Well, all kinds of other stuff happened too. My husband crossed the country on a unicycle for charity, for example, and I got to … Continue reading

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