Quite a lot of self-published books are, y’know, cool. They’re set in post-apocalyptic Singapore, or their selling point is ‘Steampunk is sexually transmitted!’ [1] or they have their finger on the blue throb of the zeitgeist’s pulse in some other way. I admire that. The thing is, mine aren’t. The best I can really do […]

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Stepdaughter Of I Get Searches

WordPress helpfully tells me what people have searched on to find my site, and sometimes I can’t help but respond: find books to sell on amazon That sounds like one of those careers you see advertisements for in the back of old-fashioned comics, like ‘Make a good living selling scrap metal!’ and ‘Become a commercial […]

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Tzenni socks!

Sadie has designed socks inspired by Tzenni, and blogged about it here! They have roses and staircases on, and they are awesome. Also, I just said to my D&D players ‘My books inspired someone to knit socks!’ and they looked back at me with expressions of ‘Your books make people’s feet cold?’ (Actually, if my […]

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Name your baby Ligeia!

I am kind of charmed to note that Appellation Mountain has Ligeia as its name of the day. As you may have gathered, I got the name Ligeia from the Poe poem, or possibly the Vincent Price film. (I spent a lot of my teens watching Vincent Price films, and I really can’t call it […]

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Slightly late end-of-year post

Looking back on 2010, the main event that stands out is that I published my books. (Well, all kinds of other stuff happened too. My husband crossed the country on a unicycle for charity, for example, and I got to get up at a ridiculous hour of the morning in February and walk around Stonehenge […]

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