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And today we have management of infodumps

I am fiddling about with the most recent chapter of Heavy Ice, in which the characters finally have five minutes where they’re both conscious at the same time and no one’s trying to kill them, and are therefore sitting down … Continue reading

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Quite a lot of self-published books are, y’know, cool. They’re set in post-apocalyptic Singapore, or their selling point is ‘Steampunk is sexually transmitted!’ [1] or they have their finger on the blue throb of the zeitgeist’s pulse in some other … Continue reading

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Stepdaughter Of I Get Searches

WordPress helpfully tells me what people have searched on to find my site, and sometimes I can’t help but respond: find books to sell on amazon That sounds like one of those careers you see advertisements for in the back … Continue reading

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My books do more social networking than I do

I discovered yesterday that several people (or, as it may be, several robots) had found the blog by Googling ‘tzenni malabranca’, and this led me to discover that the books have shown up on a site called Shelfari. (Warning: it … Continue reading

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Tzenni socks!

Sadie has designed socks inspired by Tzenni, and blogged about it here! They have roses and staircases on, and they are awesome. Also, I just said to my D&D players ‘My books inspired someone to knit socks!’ and they looked … Continue reading

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Name your baby Ligeia!

I am kind of charmed to note that Appellation Mountain has Ligeia as its name of the day. As you may have gathered, I got the name Ligeia from the Poe poem, or possibly the Vincent Price film. (I spent … Continue reading

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Slightly late end-of-year post

Looking back on 2010, the main event that stands out is that I published my books. (Well, all kinds of other stuff happened too. My husband crossed the country on a unicycle for charity, for example, and I got to … Continue reading

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