As the first draft of Heavy Ice lumbers towards completion, there are things I begin to realise. One of them is that I could write flowery declarations of love when I was fourteen; but now I am forty-one (or at least, I will be tomorrow) and I have a ton more experience and yet writing […]

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Minette by Melanie Clegg is out now

My lovely friend Melanie Clegg’s new novel Minette is out today! Read all about it here! It’s on my Kindle now and I’m really looking forward to reading it – I love how Melanie writes with a vivid, irreverent, punky sensibility yet always keeps a sense of historical place and… historical otherness, I suppose, in […]

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I have somehow managed so far to put in no physical description at all of one of the major characters of Heavy Ice, because every time he’s around we’re deep in his personal viewpoint and he’s got things on his mind besides stopping in front of a mirror. (Actually, that’s not totally true, I think […]

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