I have somehow managed so far to put in no physical description at all of one of the major characters of Heavy Ice, because every time he’s around we’re deep in his personal viewpoint and he’s got things on his mind besides stopping in front of a mirror. (Actually, that’s not totally true, I think his hair gets mentioned once). I will be interested to see what other people come away from the book thinking he looks like, because I know, but I have no idea how anyone else would.

Meanwhile, a snippet from today’s writing, concerning someone who definitely does get his share of description:

A fuzzy hologram appeared above the screen. A man’s head and shoulders became clear amid the white static. He had soft tousled pale hair, pale skin and pale eyes, and the look of maturity that the KinHarzin admired. Diaz Una made a cooing noise of approval as his image sharpened. Orde Beto, who was older and more sure of his attractions, merely rocked back and forth on his heels and gave a silent whistle.

The man in the hologram pushed his hair back with a hand, and smiled at them. He had a confidence that Zvia admired: so far, all the men she’d met here had been as uncertain as oblates in their first week at KinRaed Cadet, to the extent that she’d been actively surprised when Captain Hawkwood wasn’t a woman.

“My name is Indrago Lasair,” he said, “and I can assure you that I am not a Maker.”

Image from The Graphics Fairy

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