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Spammers, Scammers And People Who Are Confused About Sex

My Kindle has died: the nice Irish bloke at Kindle Support, while charming and patient, could not get me a replacement of the model I’m used to, and earlier this week the Internet went out because my husband accidentally cut … Continue reading

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Another Fifty Shades Of Grey Post

Via Ebook Friendly I’ve had a go at understanding the appeal of Fifty Shades Of Grey before, and, for some reason, I’m back for more. There seems to be a lot of debate over why these books have such a … Continue reading

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Florence Fusspot and the Ninja

Yesterday on a bus, I went past an office building with ‘SEO’ on its windows. It had a few other web-based keywords up there as well, possibly in the hope of getting a jump on advertising on Google Earth, so … Continue reading

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Return of the blog

I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog since July. Let’s just blame Mr Foo the Lovable Pixie for that and move on. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s writing: “I have knowledge you need. You have knowledge I need. Truce?” “I … Continue reading

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