Anna Chronistic is coming!

A snippet from today’s final (spoiler: it won’t be final, there will be adjusting the headers because either Amazon or Lulu objects to the format they’re in, because there always is) edits on Anna Chronistic:

“Margaretta Crompton,” I said in the deep, thrilling voice with which my mother is wont to address her favoured fox terriers. “Behold, I am sent by the Immortal One who watches over your Guide, the Princess with the pure shining soul. Open your eyes and gaze upon me.”

She did. I do like it when I make an impression. “Your esoteric power of will shall travel to the mystic East, and the darkest jungles of Africa,” I said, which was true, if by esoteric power of will you happened to mean funding. “In your last days you shall be raised up on a pillar of pure golden light, and sit among the exalted ones.”

I was quite proud of that last one. I hoped that after she became a Liberal life peeress, she would look back and remember it.


Anna Chronistic And The Scarab of Destiny will come out on Oct 31. I planned it that way so that it would take my and possibly some readers’ minds off the ongoing Brexit crisis, and I’ve got to say it’s working.

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