Snippets from projects on the go at present:


Warning! F-bomb and other possibly NSFW text under the cut.

“One minute she was doing a novelty snake act on stage at Miss Topless Brighton 1968, and the next she was in Minoan Crete.”

“And what did the Empress say to that?”

“Fuck that up one nostril and down the other.”

“How vivid.”

“For the evil queen had a beloved swordsman who she loved more than life itself…”

“Does that really happen?”

“Only in stories.”

4 thoughts on “Snippets from projects on the go at present:

  1. Industrial fantasy!! 😀

    Also, totes stealing that quote from the Empress, but saving it for JUST the right occasion, as appropriate for a precious pearl of high-end vulgarity 😉


    1. I worry for KinHarzin linguists trying to teach themselves Yaziik from the way Kallisty speaks it. It’s going to lead to the automated announcements at the low-orbit Transfer station spitting profanities while telling people to mind the gap.

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