Today’s snippet


Today’s snippet, from a steampunk time travel novella that is one of the many projects squabbling for my attention:

‘The ibis is a bird that makes its living by poking around in mud and converses in quarrelsome honks; which is, one must presume, why the dynastic Egyptians chose to graft its head onto the god of academics.’

Image: Wikimedia Commons

10 thoughts on “Today’s snippet

    1. It’s kind of a mashup between Nana and The Jewel Of Seven Stars, with added time travelling factional politics. I think it’s going to run short by my standards, which will make a nice change, and I’ve actually managed to plan the plot in advance which is not something I usually achieve, so I’m hopeful that it’ll actually get written despite everything else fighting it out in my head.

      Then there’s the Requite-through-the-ages collection of stories and poems which has one completed story, one completed poem and several bits and bobs that need working up or finishing, and various other things in the ‘very early planning’ stages. Apparently now Heavy Ice has fallen like a giant redwood, the ecosystem of my head is doing the ‘lots of hopeful shoots’ thing.

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