Steampunk for Simpletons


This is the ad for my work which is going to run in the announcements section of the upcoming book Steampunk for Simpletons. There’s still time to contribute to their Kickstarter and help them make their stretch goals!

I got the clip art from the wonderful Graphics Fairy website, who provide clip art for personal or resale projects – here is the original so that you can see what I desecrated. All I can say is that the original French typesetter clearly didn’t have the trouble I did fighting the Curve Bend tool in The GIMP. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Steampunk for Simpletons

  1. Wonderful, I love it! 😀
    If “Rifles, Xenoraptors, TEA” doesn’t make people want to read your books, I have no idea what will.
    (And it’s not just GIMP – text on a curve is a nightmare in every bit of software I’ve tried to coerce into doing it.)

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