How The Feud Began

Another deleted scene! This one was cut from The Maker’s Mask very late, and I’d actually thought I’d put it back into the book in one form or another, but apparently not, so here it is. Tzenni explains the Feud This bit comes between the first time Tzenni tries to repair the Retort and the […]

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New Requite-set short story

This time last year, I was manically writing fanfic for Yuletide: I think part of this was displacement activity because I was sick of sending the Digital Doorstop off and getting it rejected, and part of it was displacement activity because my husband was flying to New Zealand on Boxing Day. This year, I’m doing […]

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Britain After Rome

I am reading Robin Fleming’s Britain after Rome: The Fall and Rise, 400 – 1070 and really enjoying it. Part of this is because it’s full of descriptions of clothing. But most of it is that I am hugely attracted to reading about cobbled-together, makeshift societies, and to the details of trade webs and burial […]

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Son of I Get Searches

do you like palatino Yes, I do like Palatino! I very nearly used it for my books. I can’t remember why I didn’t, in the end: I think it was because it looks weird when used for extended sections in italic. what country do school books come from? Well, the only one I have to […]

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