I aten’t dead!

After changing computers last year I managed to lock myself out of my WordPress account, but now I have got it back! Normal service will resume whenever we can figure out what normality is. 🙂

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Kingsblood – An Awfully Big Announcement


For some time now, those of you who follow my Twitter may have heard rumblings of a Secret Project.  (Also, those of you who remember that I took so long to write Heavy Ice that Firebrand came out in the meantime will not be surprised to hear that the Secret Project is now closer to publication than the first book in the Anna Chronistic series.  Having someone else to bounce ideas off and post ‘hey, are you going to write chapter X?’ helps)

And so, without further ado, we present:


Kingsblood, a new fantasy series from Ankaret Wells and Irene Headley.
The bitter years of the Cousins War are over… for now. 
The grandsons of Kharis Sidonia are dukes and kings, and the last kinsmen of the deposed King Gilbert the Bloodless are hunted exiles… for now. 
Winter holds armies at a standstill, and in Briege, the suitors of the new Duchess of Bergomance protest that they are at her feet… for now.
Before the thaw breaks, Ambrosia of Bergomance must choose a husband, and place her people in the hands of another, greater, power, By her side are two men – her uncle Thomas of Wharram, loyal to his family above all else, and Nicolas ás Ithel, who has spent most of his life as a hostage.
Thomas and Nicolas become lovers and allies…
For now.
The Kingsblood series contains love, magic, adventure, and a pygmy hippo called Odo. The first full novel, The Duke Is Dead , comes in early 2018, and Irene’s prequel novella, The Exiles, will be out in December of this year.
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Anna Chronistic – The End Approaches


The first draft of Anna Chronistic And The Scarab Of Destiny is nearing its climax, and I’m tentatively hoping for a 2017 release. Here is a snippet of today’s writing (may be NSFW, depending on your workplace: mention of vintage erotica)

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Today’s snippet

As so often in my books, two characters are discussing religion.

“I’m KinHarzin.  When the Emperor was Binitarian, I was Binitarian. Now that the Emperor is Dispensationalist, I am Dispensationalist.”

“And what would you be if the Emperor disbanded the KinHarzin?”


In other news, Lulu has moved on since I last published a book in 2013 (yes, I know it’s been a while, I moved house twice and had various other things on my mind) and I have been watching with interest how a friend’s book percolates through the new array of shops available on Ingram, including the Amazon Kindle Store. It’s taking a while to reach the Kindle Store, which would annoy me as the Kindle Store accounts for the bulk of my sales, so at present I’m on the fence about using it myself. We will see.

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Set your calendar for TOMORROW – Speak Its Name by Kathleen Jowitt


I am excited to announce that I am going to be spending tomorrow reading Kathleen Jowitt‘s debut novel, Speak Its Name.  I love Kathleen’s writing and am excited that this book is seeing the light of day at last.

A new year at the University of Stancester, and Lydia Hawkins is trying to balance the demands of her studies with her responsibilities as an officer for the Christian Fellowship. Her mission: to make sure all the Christians in her hall stay on the straight and narrow, and to convert the remaining residents if possible. To pass her second year. And to ensure a certain secret stays very secret indeed.

When she encounters the eccentric, ecumenical student household at 27 Alma Road, Lydia is forced to expand her assumptions about who’s a Christian to include radical Quaker activist Becky, bells-and-smells bus-spotter Peter, and out (bisexual) and proud (Methodist) Colette. As the year unfolds, Lydia discovers that there are more ways to be Christian – and more ways to be herself – than she had ever imagined.

Then a disgruntled member of the Catholic Society starts asking whether the Christian Fellowship is really as Christian as it claims to be, and Lydia finds herself at the centre of a row that will reach far beyond the campus. Speak Its Name explores what happens when faith, love and politics mix and explode.

Read an extract here

To be honest I would probably have jumped on this book even if I didn’t know the author, because BOOKS WITH BISEXUALS IN YES PLEASE and also I had my share of bewilderment at student Christian organisations when I was at university and trying to find God, mostly, I admit, because of a Christian boy I fancied.  (I was a late developer.  Also, to be totally fair, I think they were just as befuddled by me.  There was one moment when a friend of a friend said ‘Well, if you don’t believe in God, who do you think made you?’ and I blurted out ‘Are you asking me to explain how babies are made?’)

Speak Its Name will be available in paperback through Lulu and via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other good online bookstores, and in ebook formats through Lulu, on the iBookstore, and on Kindle and Kobo.

This is not a sponsored post.  No one sponsors this blog.  Though the cats keep attempting to bribe me with rubber bands and bits of balled-up parcel tape in the hope that I will stop typing and feed them Dreamies instead.





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Minor changes to Heavy Ice in .mobi



I’ve uploaded a new version of Heavy Ice to the Kindle Store to fix some spelling errors and a couple of instances of a character’s name being wrong. Changes to the .epub version to follow shortly.

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Quote from today’s wordcount

“The Duke continued to stare at me as if the Diana of Ephesus had just stepped out of a mummy-case and bared her breasts at him.”

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