Kingsblood – An Awfully Big Announcement


For some time now, those of you who follow my Twitter may have heard rumblings of a Secret Project.  (Also, those of you who remember that I took so long to write Heavy Ice that Firebrand came out in the meantime will not be surprised to hear that the Secret Project is now closer to publication than the first book in the Anna Chronistic series.  Having someone else to bounce ideas off and post ‘hey, are you going to write chapter X?’ helps)

And so, without further ado, we present:


Kingsblood, a new fantasy series from Ankaret Wells and Irene Headley.
The bitter years of the Cousins War are over… for now. 
The grandsons of Kharis Sidonia are dukes and kings, and the last kinsmen of the deposed King Gilbert the Bloodless are hunted exiles… for now. 
Winter holds armies at a standstill, and in Briege, the suitors of the new Duchess of Bergomance protest that they are at her feet… for now.
Before the thaw breaks, Ambrosia of Bergomance must choose a husband, and place her people in the hands of another, greater, power, By her side are two men – her uncle Thomas of Wharram, loyal to his family above all else, and Nicolas ás Ithel, who has spent most of his life as a hostage.
Thomas and Nicolas become lovers and allies…
For now.
The Kingsblood series contains love, magic, adventure, and a pygmy hippo called Odo. The first full novel, The Duke Is Dead , comes in early 2018, and Irene’s prequel novella, The Exiles, will be out in December of this year.

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