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House hunting, review, and thoughts on new trends in publishing

Well, I’m back from looking for a new house, and we now at least have somewhere to rent while we look for somewhere more permanent to house two people, one cat (hopefully rising to more than one cat when we’re … Continue reading

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Lovely Review, Also, Clockwork Tea

Kimberly Chapman (author of Finding Gaia, which you really should give a shot if you like (a) immortals who come over as genuine, complex products of a past era finding their way in the present day, (b) sidekick characters with … Continue reading

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In which I get to the point eventually, I promise.

I have not been well. This means this post is kind of blithery, and contains footnotes. So, I have been Not Well, in ways which I am not going to share with the Internet, don’t worry. This means I have … Continue reading

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Stock photo surprise: also, hand-axes.

I just found one of the pieces of stock art I was seriously considering using for the cover of The Maker’s Mask on a commercially published book, which was surprising. Also, today I went to the British Museum and got … Continue reading

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The_Antichris, who won the book giveaway, has written a lovely review of The Maker’s Mask: Book One of Requite with a paragraph about Clarke’s Law which made me giggle out loud. An excerpt: the best thing in the book is … Continue reading

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Planetary romance

A nice review from Lera at GoodReads, in which she says that The Maker’s Mask is stylistically in the fine tradition of pulp fantasy. Which, ahahahah, it so is. I used to spend hours happily reading Edgar Rice Burroughs at … Continue reading

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