Planetary romance

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A nice review from Lera at GoodReads, in which she says that The Maker’s Mask is stylistically in the fine tradition of pulp fantasy.

Which, ahahahah, it so is. I used to spend hours happily reading Edgar Rice Burroughs at my grandmother’s flat, among the brass knick-knacks she used to collect and the pot-plants. She also had a large and beautiful 1920s book of Tales from the Arabian Nights which I read from cover to cover and now own. (And also I just discovered that all the Barsoom books are on Project Gutenberg, which is another point in favour of using the profits from the books, such as they are, to buy myself an ebook reader).

I don’t actually use either GoodReads or LibraryThing, because I’m not that organised. But if you see the books popping up there or anywhere else, let me know?

3 thoughts on “Planetary romance

  1. Oh, I shall have to tell the Boy about the Barsoom books being on PG – he has 2 (one of which I’m reading at the moment – very entertaining once you get past the sexism!) and wants to read the rest.

    1. Yes, they’re definitely Of Their Time! I was looking them up because my players were talking about the upcoming John Carter Of Mars film and wouldn’t believe me when I said that the Martians laid eggs.

      1. Oh, I didn’t realize there was going to be a film. I’m reading The Chessmen of Mars, which is about his daughter. It hasn’t featured any egg laying but there are mad alien brains with legs and optional slave bodies!

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