Things people have been asking me

Is it better for you if I buy the book from Lulu, or from Amazon?

If you’re buying an ebook, Lulu is the only game in town at present. If you’re buying a paperback, I honestly don’t mind – I get more money on the Lulu sales and more Amazon rankings on the Amazon sales, so do what’s easiest for you. Also, I am not one of those writers who gets up in arms about people buying her books second hand. Obviously I would like it if I got some money, but I love second-hand books and have made some of the happiest discoveries of my life in second-hand bookshops, and besides, dictating to people that they can’t sell on something they’ve bought is about as silly as decreeing that no one who buys any of my books is allowed to ever crease the spine.

Have you thought about writing short stories?.

Yes, I think of writing short stories in the same way that I think of running marathons or being able to perform feats of competitive baking: I think ‘Wow, I admire people who can do that!’ and then ‘But actually, there are things I’m more interested in learning how to do’.

I think I’ve written about four short stories in my life, most of them while I was at university and all of them terrible. I am impressed with people who can evoke a world and characters and make people care about them enough to carry on reading in only a couple of thousand words, but right now I’m busy writing a book.

Do your books make good Christmas presents?

I’m lying. No one has asked me this, unless you count my father who repeatedly threatened to buy them for an elderly non-genre-reading aunt. But if you think they are the kind of thing someone would like as a Christmas present, then yes, they would make an excellent gift. 🙂

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7 Responses to Things people have been asking me

  1. Sadie says:

    I am planning to buy The Maker’s Mask for my brother for Christmas, because I think it will be his kind of thing. I would buy it for everyone else I know, but suspect it might not be theirs (my mother read the sample chapter here and said ‘it’s very well written but I can’t cope with books with made-up animals, I can’t imagine what they look like and I get distracted by it’, which I think is probably fair enough – I know that I had moments of struggling to imagine what a vrykol actually looks like).

  2. I find it a very good book to read just before going on holiday, so I can wander through galleries wondering why Ligeia was moonlighting as an artist’s model in 15th century Italy.

  3. Rosie says:

    I’ve bought The Maker’s Mask for two friends for Christmas. Have to share one of my favourite reading experiences of the year! 🙂

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