The_Antichris, who won the book giveaway, has written a lovely review of The Maker’s Mask: Book One of Requite with a paragraph about Clarke’s Law which made me giggle out loud. An excerpt: the best thing in the book is Tzenni – she’s a fabulous heroine, geeky, anxious, focused on her job (engineering) and not […]

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Today I am rewriting a scene that was doing two things badly in the hope that I can get it to instead do one thing well. Part of the problem was that the viewpoint kept shifting from tight third person to omniscient, which is never a good sign. Fortunately I find rewriting a lot easier […]

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Today I bought various books from Lulu for Christmas presents to take advantage of the 25% offer they’ve got going… and then forgot to put the code in at the checkout. I’d previously tried to cancel Lulu orders due to similar misfortunes and had no joy, so I thought ‘Ugh, that’s done, I can’t cancel […]

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I Get Searches, II

More Google searches that have caused people to find this blog: edward ii Were you looking for this band? Because they are awesome. I am not a reggae folk fusion band myself, though. Sorry. teacher big bust fiction I see how this happened. One of the earlier posts somehow turned into a discussion of games […]

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I am going to try to use my Twitter account more – I’m AnkaretWells over there. Please feel free to add me if you want to hear me twittering about the books and occasionally shouting at my characters, or not if you don’t. Also, I’ve been experimenting with adding rather random images to the blog […]

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Planetary romance

A nice review from Lera at GoodReads, in which she says that The Maker’s Mask is stylistically in the fine tradition of pulp fantasy. Which, ahahahah, it so is. I used to spend hours happily reading Edgar Rice Burroughs at my grandmother’s flat, among the brass knick-knacks she used to collect and the pot-plants. She […]

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I haven’t been vanity-Googling my nom de plume much, because I think vanity-Googlers mostly hear no good of themselves. But perhaps I should have been… Today, while trying to help my father find my blog, I discovered that Amazon truncates ‘writing historical novels about periods that haven’t happened yet’ to ‘writing historical novels about periods’. […]

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I Get Searches

Shoutout to the person who got here searching on ‘worldbuilding is hard’. You’re right, it really is! Fist bump to the person who got here searching on ‘what will karely be when she grows up’. Happy, I hope. Cheery wave to the person who got here searching on ‘latinus wink’. I have no idea what […]

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