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The_Antichris, who won the book giveaway, has written a lovely review of The Maker’s Mask: Book One of Requite with a paragraph about Clarke’s Law which made me giggle out loud. An excerpt: the best thing in the book is … Continue reading

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Today I am rewriting a scene that was doing two things badly in the hope that I can get it to instead do one thing well. Part of the problem was that the viewpoint kept shifting from tight third person … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s cold outside

Today I bought various books from Lulu for Christmas presents to take advantage of the 25% offer they’ve got going… and then forgot to put the code in at the checkout. I’d previously tried to cancel Lulu orders due to … Continue reading

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it is Lulu money off code time again!

Take 25% off any order and save up to £250 when you enter code CYBERUK at checkout. Not sure if it works outside the UK, but maybe worth a go? Useful links for buying my books from Lulu: The Maker’s … Continue reading

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I Get Searches, II

More Google searches that have caused people to find this blog: edward ii Were you looking for this band? Because they are awesome. I am not a reggae folk fusion band myself, though. Sorry. teacher big bust fiction I see … Continue reading

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I am going to try to use my Twitter account more – I’m AnkaretWells over there. Please feel free to add me if you want to hear me twittering about the books and occasionally shouting at my characters, or not … Continue reading

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Things people have been asking me

Is it better for you if I buy the book from Lulu, or from Amazon? If you’re buying an ebook, Lulu is the only game in town at present. If you’re buying a paperback, I honestly don’t mind – I … Continue reading

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