I Get Searches, II

More Google searches that have caused people to find this blog:

edward ii

Were you looking for this band? Because they are awesome. I am not a reggae folk fusion band myself, though. Sorry.

teacher big bust fiction

I see how this happened. One of the earlier posts somehow turned into a discussion of games teachers in the comments, and it’s entirely probable that the woes of doing games before anyone thought sports bras were a necessity also came up during the same discussion. Also, I write fiction. I somehow doubt any of this is what you were looking for, though. Sorry.

how do books originate?

That is a very good question, and someone who is actually involved in the publishing industry would probably be more capable of answering it. I haven’t got much of an idea what’s involved in the creation of Stargate tie-in novels, for example, even though I know of friends of friends who write them, and I don’t know how coffee-table books come about either – I suspect someone commissions them, but I could be way off base.

When it comes to self-published novels, which is really all I know about – well, first there is an idea. Then there’s a long period of writing a book, and trying to persuade the multiple-headed plot-beast to trample its way in the right direction towards the conclusion, all of which is a bit like Ancient Roman chariot races but with hydras instead of horses.

Then you send the book to publishers and / or agents. If they like it, great! Well done! Get someone who knows about contracts to look at any contracts for you!

If you eventually decide to cut your losses and self-publish, or if you intended to self-publish from the start, next come a couple of months of doing things like going through the text trying to pick up any errors in spelling or grammar or sense, and downloading Lulu templates for the cover and internal text and then trying to format the book to fit them. Or you could hire someone to do one or more of these things – I haven’t ever hired anyone myself, but I know people who have and it seems to have worked out well for them. If you’re going to use an ebook publishing site, there’s a similar amount of work required on the formatting but the cover requirements seem a bit less stringent in general.

It’s only fair to mention that you can also self-publish without involving Lulu or CreateSpace or any other firm like that, by getting together with a local printer and arranging things that way: I’ve never done that, but I know people who have, and if you’re willing to do your own distribution it might save you money.

And then you decide how much to charge and whether you’re going to buy Amazon distribution or not, and you order a proof copy, and voilà, there is a book.

And then, in general, you turn round and start writing another one. 🙂

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