I Continue To Get Searches

Sometimes search engine queries bring people to my site, and I try to help them out. Dear person who asked ‘how many novels are named firebrand?’ According to Amazon, at least twenty-five. Also a comic and several biographies. I probably could have come up with something better, but it had been ‘The Kadia And John […]

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Florence Fusspot and the Ninja

Yesterday on a bus, I went past an office building with ‘SEO’ on its windows. It had a few other web-based keywords up there as well, possibly in the hope of getting a jump on advertising on Google Earth, so I don’t think it could have been the innocent offices of a firm called South […]

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Stepdaughter Of I Get Searches

WordPress helpfully tells me what people have searched on to find my site, and sometimes I can’t help but respond: find books to sell on amazon That sounds like one of those careers you see advertisements for in the back of old-fashioned comics, like ‘Make a good living selling scrap metal!’ and ‘Become a commercial […]

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