I Continue To Get Searches

SteampunkGoat by RaggyRat
Sometimes search engine queries bring people to my site, and I try to help them out.

Dear person who asked ‘how many novels are named firebrand?’

According to Amazon, at least twenty-five. Also a comic and several biographies. I probably could have come up with something better, but it had been ‘The Kadia And John Thing’ in my head for so long that I couldn’t think of anything else, and Firebrand was at least a better idea than that.

Dear person who searched for ‘steampunk goat stories’

I have no steampunk goat stories. Alas. The only thing I can think of that’s even vaguely close is Dennis Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out, which involves both goats and gadgetry and is set in Britain between the wars; and while Dennis Wheatley can tell a hell of a story, his books are often horrendously racist. The film is less racist than the book and has Christopher Lee in, which always helps.

Dear person who searched for *redacted*

No, that won’t happen if you do that. If you have any more worries of that kind, I suggest a genito-urinary medicine clinic.

Image of Steampunk Goat from Raggy Rat on etsy.

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