Here we go again!

Today’s quote from the Heavy Ice rewrites:

‘Most of us get one try or less at founding a civilisation’

I know it should be one try or fewer, but Facade Blue doesn’t care.

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6 Responses to Here we go again!

  1. ashbet says:

    I am now suddenly picturing Facade Blue as a honey badger, and laughing under my breath 😉

  2. ashbet says:

    Kira: “Dialogue doesn’t have to conform to proper grammar. It has to be punctuated properly, but it doesn’t have to follow every grammatical rule, because most people do not speak with perfect elocution and grammar, and if they do, they’re *weird*.”

    (To be fair, I’m not sure whether Facade Blue qualifies as “people,” and she might be MORE likely to be precise, rather than less — but she might have picked up a few bad and/or colloquial conversational habits from the people who had visited her — after all, she does quite well in verbal ripostes with Tzenni, without sounding excessively stilted)

  3. Helen says:

    Huzzah, more Facade Blue – she intrigued me in Requite 🙂

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