Today’s writing snippet

Today’s quote, which comes out of an otherwise somewhat messy chapter that I have to go through with a pair of shears: Rafe put steel in his voice. “I’ll ask you again. If I surrender to you, will you give me your word that Ms. Hawkwood will receive the medical treatment she needs?” Zaxquill stared […]

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Things I am doing right now

Writing a sex scene from a man’s point of view. I don’t think I’ve done this since I was about fourteen. It’s very weird. I keep second-guessing myself: it’s all very well writing confidently about the details of riding across an alien landscape on xenoraptors, because no one reading the book will have done that, […]

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Light the Flames

Firebrand is go! I was hoping to hold off the official launch until it had made it to Amazon in paperback, but the wheels of Amazon are grinding slowly, so for the time being if you want a paperback you can buy direct from Lulu. Here’s the link to buy it in various formats: .epub […]

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