Things I am doing right now

Writing a sex scene from a man’s point of view. I don’t think I’ve done this since I was about fourteen. It’s very weird. I keep second-guessing myself: it’s all very well writing confidently about the details of riding across an alien landscape on xenoraptors, because no one reading the book will have done that, but writing an experience that some of my readers have had and I haven’t makes me twitch. On the other hand, at least the man in question comes from a society (actually, two of them, but that’s a whole other point) that’s very different to modern-day Earth, so that’s something of an excuse for anything not ringing true.

(And, of course, this would be the first post I put up since I gave my mum my website address so she could read it on her new smartphone. Sorry, Mum!)

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4 thoughts on “Things I am doing right now

    1. Oh, that’s how I do it! ‘We slept together. Then I disassembled my SHPL – super heated plasma launcher – which came with all the latest gadgets, in fact let me tell you all about the plasma chamber in great detail, because you might need to disassemble one yourself one day if you were on the run in a strange landscape, and also my barrel’s bigger than yours’. ;p

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