More photos from Asylum

I will go back to blogging about writing soon, I promise. Click to embiggen.


A better look at my Saturday daytime costume, including beautiful leather holster from Vontoon.


What I wore to the ball. I’m not really sure what I’m doing there, I might have been looking at some stars. You can’t really see the full amplitude of my skirt, but it’s claret-coloured most of the way down, with some very Victorian ‘hey, we’ve got aniline dyes and we’re going to use them’ gold and green flounces around the hem. Still, it’s a lovely corset, isn’t it?


Me on Sunday, with fox ear necomimi, by some architecture near the Castle. The next archway along had five or six policemen gathered under it. I’m not sure why.

All photos taken by my beloved husband, of One Wheel, No Brain. 🙂

4 thoughts on “More photos from Asylum

  1. I love the outfit with the necomimi (quite fancy some necomimi myself, too, but I think that might be a bit much for work), and the vertical striped tights (leggings?)!

  2. The necomimi cheer me up immensely. The leggings came from ASOS, who slightly oddly describe them as ‘mono stripe print’ in straight sizes but ‘wide stripe’ in plus. Maybe there’s some shibboleth about big women wearing narrow stripes that I’ve failed to notice?

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